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Career and Self Directed Extended Programs

Noncredit programs to enhance your career.

Self-Directed Learning Programs provides a variety of Career and Self Directed Extended Programs courses and programs to help you learn new skills, enhance your career, and prepare for and maintain professional certification. Most of the courses are noncredit; however, some may also be available for credit.

  • Central Service and Sterile Processing
    Programs to help you prepare for and maintain professional certification in central service, healthcare leadership, and healthcare materiel management, as well as continuing education for CRCST technicians, offered in cooperation with the International Association for Healthcare Materiel Management (IAHCSMM).

  • Construction Site Supervision Certification

  • Green Enterprise Development
    This program provides awareness of the many issues involved in sustainability, training of industry best practices, and the skills to evaluate projects through life cycle cost analysis.

  • Integrated Pest Management (IPM) Courses (correspondence and online)
    The nation's leading self-study courses in pest management, recognized in most states as preparation for certification and/or recertification of pest control operators.

  • Lean Healthcare Programs
    Lean methods improve the reliability of work processes by identifying and eliminating barriers and sources of variability within the system.

  • Newborn Assessment
    A two-part learning package featuring a head-to-toe assessment of a normal newborn, and determination of gestational age based on physical and neurological assessments.

  • Study Skills - Academic Study Skills
    Professionally-taped workshops developed to help high school and college students enhance their success in school.

  • Teaching Skills
    DVD programs to help you become a better teacher, based on Purdue's "Teachers on Teaching" workshops.

Note: Purdue faculty and staff fee remissions may not be applied to the programs on this page.