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Distance Learning Testimonials

Carey Patterson

Senior Student of Distance Learning

My name is Carey Patterson and I am a senior studying anthropology. I am currently taking three Purdue based distance learning courses, SOC 100, SOC 220, and ANTH 205. I like distance learning courses because it gives me the opportunity to work from home and it allows more time during the day for my work study jobs. I decided to take SOC 100 and SOC 220 because I, briefly, thought I may want to get a minor in Law and Society. I really enjoy the courses and I feel like I retain the knowledge better because I have to do the readings in order to pass the quizzes and participate in the discussions. Iím taking ANTH 205 for my major and also to complete my Liberal Arts Core.

For people thinking about taking distance learning courses I would recommend keeping your class work organized. There are deadlines for assignments and itís easy for them to pop up but if you schedule time on certain days to sit down and complete the work, and stick to a schedule, it makes it a lot easier. I also like the distance learning courses because it allows you to work ahead to some extent so if I have a lot of papers or projects do on a given week I like to work ahead in my online classes so I have more time to study. Overall, I have had a very good experience with distance learning courses. I have more time to study, I learn more than I think I would sitting in a lecture with hundreds of people, and it gives me more time to work while Iím in school.