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Distance Learning Testimonials

Distance Learning Testimonials


Dennis Conrad
Senior – College of Liberal Arts

Dennis shares his experience taking online courses to accommodate his work schedule during the Summer.

Tessa Groll
Senior – College of Health and Human Sciences

Tessa shares her experience taking online courses while participating in a program overseas.


Jeff Perry
Lecturer, History Department

My experience developing a course with Digital Education proved extremely informative. As someone who has long had misgivings about the quality of online education, and someone who was not fully satisfied with previous distance-education experiences, I finished excited about the course module we constructed and am eager to see it set in motion. The consultants I worked with, Erica Vail and Jeffery Chicki from Itap, were flexible in their schedules and committed to designing an interactive course that goes beyond the traditional discussion-board and weekly quiz format. They walked me through new software such as Voicethread and Webex, put together instructional videos for students (and myself), and took it upon themselves to upload and organize the course content which I provided. I am excited particularly about the Voicethread discussion forums, and believe that everyone involved in the course will benefit from the variety of ways one can connect and exchange ideas with the class. If you are new to online teaching, or simply thinking about freshening up your course design, I highly recommend working with the Digital Education Department. The time commitment is minimal (probably not much more than designing a course on your own), and it will certainly improve the quality of your distance-education course.