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Schedule Deputy / Department Head

The University has authorized Digital Education to administer classes offered in the evenings to provide improved access to high-demand courses for community members and campus students. Evening courses are not to take the place of regular, daytime courses, but serve as a supplement for them when there is high demand. This arrangement requires that these courses be approached as partnerships among Continuing Education, the sponsoring department, and the designated instructors. The guidelines below describe how responsibilities for evening courses are distributed among these units and individuals. If your department currently does not offer an evening course(s), but is interested in doing so contact Maricel Lawrence at lawren36@purdue.edu.

For those departments already offering courses the following guidelines apply.

Responsibilities of the Sponsoring Department:

  • The instructional staffing will be determined by the department.
  • The department maintains sole authority over all curricular and pedagogical aspects of the course.
  • The instructor will arrange for auxiliary aids and services for students requesting them in accordance to the Americans with Disabilities Act and need to comply with the policies and procedures governing Purdue University.
  • The department schedule deputies will be responsible for setting up the courses in Banner on PWL campus.
  • The department will be expected to conduct student evaluations of the course and instructional delivery through the University’s course and Instructor Evaluations and to provide DE access to the outcomes of this evaluation.

Responsibilities of the Instructors:

  • Instructors will be responsible for textbook selection and ordering.
  • Instructors will be responsible for carrying out all instructional functions for the course, including rosters and grades.
  • Instructors will be responsible for carrying out the evaluation process at the end of the semester.

Responsibilities of Digital Education:

  • Course enrollment increases will be negotiated between DE and Department.
  • Ensure the course will be conducted under the policies and regulations governing Purdue University.
  • Transfer of funds 21 days after the official last day to drop/add a course for each semester.