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Graduate Certificate and Licensure Programs

Purdue Extended Campus in partnership with Academic Departments offers an array of non-traditional and online professional programs.

  • Applied Heat Transfer Online Course
    The online certificate in Applied Heat Transfer enhances your understanding of applied heat transfer processes and technologies and their applications in industry. You will become equipped with the tools you need to solve realistic, multi-mode problems with a comprehensive approach.
  • Applied Statistics Online Course
    Scientists or industrial workers who need a background in statistics are excellent candidates for a Certificate in Applied Statistics. In this program you will acquire the knowledge and tools to use statistical methodology effectively and, ultimately, to improve quality and customer satisfaction.
  • Digital Signal Processing Online Course
    The online signal processing engineering course certificate in Digital Signal Processing gives you the knowledge and tools to use this technology effectively and, ultimately, improve your service to customers.
  • Educational Leadership Building Level Licensure Program (ELCF) Online Course Face To Face Course
    The Building Level Licensure Program requires six graduate core educational leadership courses offered over three semesters, with a 1 credit internship each semester (total 3 credits) for a total of 21 credits for the license.* Courses are offered in a cohort sequence permitting candidates to finish the license in three semesters (one year) if they take 7 credits offered each semester. Candidates may also choose to take fewer courses over a longer period of time. The Building Level Licensing Program is offered using a hybrid distance learning model. Courses are offered in 8 week modules (2 courses each semester) with a 1 credit internship related to the two courses taken over the full 16 week semester. Two on-campus class meetings are arranged for each course. Candidates may enroll as for License Only if they already have a Master's degree. The Educational Specialist degree requires 30 credits plus an Ed.S. Project making it a great option to consider with the license. All courses have been mapped to the National Policy Board for Educational Administration (NPBEA) Standards for Advanced Programs in Educational Administration and the coordinating Indiana Standards for School Leader Building Level Standards. The program has received National Recognition from NCATE.
  • Gifted Creative and Talented Studies, Indiana High-Ability Licensure Online Course
    The Gifted, Creative, and Talented Studies Certificate Program (GCT) provides professional preparation to support and serve gifted, creative, and talented children and youth. The certificate does not constitute a teaching license, but posts to the student's transcript as a program of study. Certified Indiana educators who wish to earn the GCT Certificate are eligible for High Ability Licensure upon completion of the program. The High Ability Licensure is an accreditation that provides educators who are certified to teach in Indiana with the professional preparation to support and serve high ability students in K through grade 12. Certified Indiana educators who wish to earn the GCT Certificate are eligible for High Ability Licensure upon completion of the program.
  • Noise Control Online Course
    The online noise control engineering course is intended for mid- to late-career engineers who are new to the area of noise control and for engineering managers seeking to master the implementation of noise control in emerging technologies. Completion of the certificate requirements gives you the opportunity to strengthen your analytical skills and your ability to handle complex interdisciplinary problems.
  • Biotechnology Quality and Regulatory Compliance Graduate Certificate Online Course Face To Face Course
    This graduate certificate in the College of Technology is designed to provide professionals graduate-level education in the important aspects of biotechnology innovation within the context of regulatory compliance and quality assurance. Lectures are integrated from experts who are practicing professionals and provide face-to-face classroom interaction during 3 weekends per semester to promote networking opportunities among students, faculty and guest lecturers. The program is delivered in a blended format with a schedule that fits the working professional. The graduate certificate is a nice compliment to undergraduate and postgraduate degrees.
  • Strategic Communication Management (Online) Online Course
    This a nine credit-hour, three graduate course sequence designed to quickly give you the skills you need to enhance your career opportunities and network with like-minded professionals, even in an online space. The program is designed to build your skills with fundamentals of communication theory and an overview of strategic communication in the context of global organizations. Connect to a new career level and turn strategic communication into real-world applications to address organizational needs in a crisis.